Drug trafficking is a specific drug charge in Massachusetts and falls under the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C Section 32E. Individuals who face a drug trafficking charge will also usually face drug possession charges as well. This is due to the fact that the individual has been found to have a lot of controlled substances, illegal drugs or chemicals, or are considered to be in possession of such substances.

For a drug trafficking charge to be made, the individual will be found to have such substances on their person as cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, opium, morphine and prescription drugs, among others. Individuals can also face such charges if they are found to be possessing materials or supplies that are known as paraphernalia for drug distribution. This can be weighing scales, large amounts of cash, small plastic bags, etc.

If you face drug trafficking charges, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Attorney Michael M. Monopoli and Mark L. Monopoli are part of a top rated criminal defense law firm that can help. Drug trafficking charges will be brought on the individual by prosecutors who will be ready to fight to win the case. It is not uncommon for police to complete a large drug bust and individuals be snagged up in the crossfire that may or may not be involved. Police typically go undercover in order to bust large trafficking operations or make small purchases from individuals to try to find out more information, such as the supplier.

In the state of Massachusetts, a drug trafficking charge is very serious and has more consequences than a straight possession charge. With straight possession, the drugs were found to be used by the person rather than for distribution. Prosecutors will approach a drug trafficking charge in an aggressive manner and without representation, you may feel intimidated. With such charges, you may face a heavy prison sentence on a state and federal level. With mandatory minimum sentencing in place, the judge in the case will have little to no discretion when hearing a guilty verdict from the jury. The judge has to impose the minimum sentence that is required by law.

Because of the severe penalties associated with drug trafficking charges, it is important to hire a Massachusetts drug crimes attorney to represent your case. An attorney without the extensive experience of defending such cases can result in maximum jail time.

Drug Trafficking Penalties in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts has stiff penalties when it comes to drug trafficking. The penalty you face for such charges will be based on the controlled substance. The most common forms involved in such cases tend to be cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. For an individual to be prosecuted on drug trafficking charges, they must be found to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecution must prove that the defendant was in possession of a certain amount of illegal substances or that they had paraphernalia for drug distribution.

Overall, any individual who faces drug trafficking charges is better off with the assistance of an experienced criminal attorney. When you face such charges, let the law offices of Michael M. Monopoli and Mark L. Monopoli work for you.