Criminal & DUI Lawyer Worcester MA

I feel extremely grateful to have hired Attorney Michael M. Monopoli to defend me after my OUI arrest last year. I cannot praise him enough. 
Not only did he treat me with respect, he also made me feel comfortable and hopeful during a very stressful time. He trained me to conduct myself properly in a courtroom. He prepared me for every possible scenario at trial which helped my anxiety level. He also taught me many other things I feel will be helpful to me in my career or with job interviews.
Attorney Monopoli was available to me anytime if I had any questions, concerns or if I felt the need to improve my preparations for trial. 
In the courtroom he had a very strong presence and was an impressive, great defense lawyer. 
My case was a “difficult case”. I was found NOT GUILTY thanks to Attorney Michael M. Monopoli who is the best defense lawyer you could ask for. 
Christopher R.